Jacobs are the leading Debt Recovery and Enforcement Services provider in the United Kingdom, with over 57 years’ experience working with local authorities across the country.

We provide Enforcement and Debt Collection Services for 165 local authorities in England and Wales, and the service is delivered, monitored and improved by our experienced, specialist and dynamic staff.

With a commitment and focus on providing our clients with the very best quality services and year on year improvement, we provide seamless services that are modern, transparent and accountable to our clients and stakeholders.

Our client base has increased significantly over the last 10 years in line with our sustainable growth plans, and we are committed to driving our services forward and leading the profession with our innovations in all aspects of the service delivery.

Innovation and new initiatives are at the centre of all we do, and we work closely with our clients to ensure we automate, reduce administration and deliver real cost savings in a seamless and joined up collaboration in service delivery.

Jacobs have become the first, and still remain, the only Enforcement Agency to be recognised for our innovations and initiatives by winning the gold award at the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation prestigious annual performance awards event. Please see this section for more details of how we achieved excellence in core areas of our service, including Training & Development and Innovation in Information Technology.

We have the right certification to ensure total quality management through the ISO Standards in all areas, and the Investors in People award which complements our quality accreditations and demonstrates the commitment we have in the training and development of all our staff.

Our Senior Management team are frequent speakers at professional conferences, speaking on Revenues, Parking conferences on Enforcement legislation, and best practice at both national and regional levels.

Jacobs services include the Enforcement and Collection of:

- Council Tax
- Non Domestic Rate
- Parking Penalty Charge Notices
- Commercial Rent Arrears

in addition to debt recovery of all corporate debt:

- Sundry Debt
- Housing Benefit Overpayments
- Former Tenant Arrears
- Miscellaneous Income

Other debt collection services including:

- Parking charges
- Council Tax Support Scheme cases

We also work with our local authority partners to provide specialist services:

- Warrants of Arrest – With & Without Bail
- Process Serving of Court Documents
- General Investigations & Tracing

The introduction of the Tribunals Courts & Enforcement Act 2007 and subsequent Statutory Instruments have provided us with a great opportunity to review every process and procedure and re-engineer and remap in line with the changes introduced.

Having spent significant time planning for the changes, we have built in all new procedures to fully embrace the new regulations and have managed the change required.

Effective Compliance Stage

Jacobs have embraced the new regulations and believe that ‘Early compliance is key’ to ensure that we not only maximise collections for our local authority clients and assist safeguard their budgets, but also to maximise customer contact and keep enforcement fees low.

The main objective under the new regulations is early compliance, which has benefits of both our clients and customers that we are tasked with recovering outstanding debts.

We have built a comprehensive staffing structure in our telephone collections department and made significant investment in the latest digital call centre software that removes barriers to customer communication and promotes ease of access through communication channels and times that suit the customer most.

All communication channels and facilities can be found here on our web site.

We have robust and effective compliance models that be tailored to each council specific requirements depending on collection strategy and debt type, and we conduct a number of compliance initiatives that fully maximise the opportunity to pro-actively manage the case in the compliance period

Effective Enforcement Stage

Jacobs enforcement agents are all trained, experienced, certificated in the county court, and are required to study and pass the IRRV/CIVEA examinations.

All agents provide a local service ensuring local knowledge and speed of response.

Using the latest technology on the doorstep including iPads for efficient routing and allocation of cases, updating and recording information in real time, and Video Badges for transparency, the agent has accurate and up to date information and instructions at all times

Jacobs have the most effective enforcement stage process, comprising of timely visits, up to date information, and includes dynamic back office support through specialist teams and support staff

Continual Review of Processes

To ensure that we remain in keeping with the true spirit of the new regulations, Jacobs will continue to monitor the effectiveness of Compliance, and work with Clients to maximise the opportunity for Debtor to make payment in full/make arrangements before the case progresses to Enforcement Stage.

You will see from some of the innovations detailed in this site that we pride ourselves on leading the enforcement profession and working with our local authority clients to ensure that we not only provide a service but that service is seamless to the council and achieve true partnership working for our mutual benefits and clear joined objectives.

Innovation is not just about following the crowd and implementing latest software releases, its about driving the services forward for the council and for the customer and creating and developing what is required but may not currently exist off the shelf.

Automation is critical in our drive to create change, identify requirements and provide innovative solutions that count.

Reductions in administration to create efficiency and costs savings whilst maximising all systems use is firmly in our business plan. We see key drivers for improvement in our:

People – having the right people, the right passion, with the right skills that we can build and develop to excel

Process – Reviewing process to plan for change and build upon our experience to get it right first time – time after time

I.T. – Maximising the use of all IT systems and introduce modern systems and techniques to support our key aims and service delivery in unison with our clients.