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Our specialist trained teams are available to discuss your case, take payments and review existing and make new arrangements to pay. We are also able to provide you with information on where to obtain additional support including free welfare advice and information on financial support that may be available through Government & Local Council schemes.

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About Jacobs

Jacobs have been established since 1959 and are now the largest independently owned enforcement agency in the country working extensively with councils throughout England and Wales.

Jacobs has strategic direction and clear vision and core values that reflect the culture of our organisation of excellence and quality at the centre of all we do. We are focussed on driving up standards, performance and service delivery to clients and customers, year on year.

Our forward-thinking approach for innovation ensures that Jacobs continually develop and improve all aspects of our services and provide unrivalled performance, progressive added value and efficiency for the council and social value for the community.

Jacobs are at the very forefront of new technology and uniquely provide both clients and customers with digital self-service applications that are information rich and available live and on demand.

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We are proud to be appointed on the following national frameworks:

Council Tax & Non Domestic Rates

Jacobs culture of high compliance stage collection focusses on dynamic case intelligence and maximising customer engagement throughout the process. With employed CIVEA and specialist trained staff we provide unrivalled and consistent quality, customer service and continuous improvement in collection performance year on year.

Parking & Road Traffic PCN

Experienced in both Parking and Bus Lane PCN collection we have tailored and flexible compliance stage collections through data intelligence and customer engagement initiatives. Dedicated specialist trained staff utilise persistent evader strategies, ANPR initiatives and the latest technology to maximise collection.

Corporate Debt Recovery

A tailored debt recovery strategy ensuring a single view of the customer to collect all corporate debt. With innovative case and data intelligence we maximise customer engagement through effective telephone, email, sms and visits in and out of office hours and weekends.

High Court Enforcement

Working in partnership with one of the country’s established and leading specialist High Court Enforcement Officers, Andrew Wilson & Co, for a seamless service including no cost transfer service to the High Court and effective enforcement of all Writs of Control.

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Ensuring the Landlord and Tenant relationship is maintained we collect all outstanding Commercial rent arrears through innovative recovery strategies and collection initiatives. Additional services can include Forfeiture returning the property to the Landlord where appropriate.

Customer Welfare

Jacobs are committed to effective case management, signposting and support for vulnerable customers. This is achieved through specialist staff training and dedicated Welfare Team managing all identified vulnerable cases. We pride ourselves on our long-standing working relationships with welfare advice agencies including our established third sector protocol.

Insolvency / Bankruptcy

Working in Partnership with Wilkin Chapman, a leading and innovative Solicitor and Insolvency Practitioners, we provide comprehensive case intelligence reports with specialist Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Charging Order further recovery options for councils to collect all outstanding debt including specialist advice on large, multiple and complex cases.

Partnership Working - Added Value Services

Jacobs work in partnership with clients and customers to deliver additional services and initiatives that create savings through system automation, reduced administration and increasing digital self-service for access to case information live and on demand. Jacobs are committed to promoting local measurable Social Value.

Approved Suppliers - Procurement Frameworks & Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Jacobs demonstrate our service are both fit for purpose and accredited supplier status through securing a place on all national DPS and Frameworks currently available and provided through Rotherham, Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation and Procurement Hub (Places for People) Frameworks.

For more information, please contact us and our procurement team will provide further details and answer any questions you may have.

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